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Hangover breakfasti n the Aristocrate Restaurant

  • 29.12.2018

Our favorite guests, we have created for you the perfect “hangover breakfast”. Each ingredient in it will help you to restore strength and balance of the whole organism

On the 1-st of January, we will feed you:.

·  Cold snacks;

·  Herring fillet;

·  Forshmakom of herring on puff pastry;

·  Pickled cabbage;

·  Salom with horseradish and mustard sauce;

·  Marinated champignons;

·  Marinated eggplants with vegetables;

·  Salads;

·  Olivier Salad;

·  Soups in stock;

·  Dumplings in broth;

·  Hot dishes;

·  Grilled sausages with barbecue sauce

We are waiting for you on the 1-th of January, 2019 from 10: 00-14: 00.

Premier Hotel Aurora
Aristocrate Restaurant
10/12 Alchevskyh Str.