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New Year’s Eve Corporate Party 2018 with Aristocrate Restaurant

  • 07.11.2018

New Year is always a little fairy tale: everywhere there is such an alluring and festive aroma of pine needles and tangerines, the streets are decorated with colorful garlands, the windows have shiny tinsel, the shops are overflowing with Christmas toys for every taste and color, and the heart beats restlessly in the chest, it is warm in the heart and cozy, in the air there is something good and mysterious. Why this holiday makes us such anxious feelings?

Pre-New Year's efforts are more than just traditions; they are part of our life. And the New Year's corporate holiday became a ritual that makes the workforce more united.

Your corporate party in the best New Year’s tradition with the “Aristocrate” restaurant: a fabulous banquet from 1000 UAH. for one person, a festive menu from the chef, a personal assistant to your event, a New Year's photo area, a magnificent interior, a high level of service and an indescribable atmosphere!

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