New Year's holidays
  • 13.11.2018
Belief in New Year's miracles exists in us since childhood. On the eve of the New Year, we all begin to believe in a fairy tale, hope for happy changes and, with bated breath, make wishes. And in order for these desires to be fulfilled, we just need to prepare a fabulous atmosphere, believe in the exclusivity of the moment, give a holiday to ou...
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New Year’s Eve Corporate Party with Aristocrate Restaurant
  • 07.11.2018
New Year is always a little fairy tale: everywhere there is such an alluring and festive aroma of pine needles and tangerines, the streets are decorated with colorful garlands, the windows have shiny tinsel, the shops are overflowing with Christmas toys for every taste and color, and the heart beats restlessly in the chest, it is warm in the h...
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For the first time oysters WITHOUT limits!
  • 18.10.2018
We invite you on the 26th of Octoberthe Aristocrate Restaurant to tasting oysters in unlimited quantities!Your oysters are waiting for Les Huîtres De L'île De Noirmoutier Les Huîtres Spéciales, and our author's sauces will add spice to them. Also, the wine expert presents 4 exquisite wines:• Solandia Bianco IGT Frizzante;• Cataldo Grillo Inzo...
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Family Weekend in the restaurant "Aristocrate"
  • 17.08.2018
Weekend - this is the long-awaited completion of the working week, the magic days of rest, which certainly want to spend in the family circle.Come to our restaurant "Aristocrate" on weekends, take the children and get a discount on all menu dishes  - 30% *Spend a "Family Day" with pleasure and benefit!* discount is valid until 31-th of Augu...
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Hot August in the restaurant «Aristocrate»
  • 01.08.2018
Summer does not slow down!August is the last jerk before the long autumn. To make it even tastier and brighter than the restaurant «Aristocrate»  is ready to surprise you with new special offers.Every Thursday: Seabass fillet A la Creole with truffle sauce and a glass of white wine (Donini Pinot Grigio)Special price of the set is 27...
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Season of smoothies in a restaurant "Aristocrate"
  • 23.07.2018
We offer you to enjoy the taste of summer and recharge your mood. Vitamin, useful, tasty smoothies are waiting for you!Choose your, and get a thick mixture of berries and fruits, a huge amount of vitamins and gastronomic pleasure in one glass.Replace sugar and frozen fruits with natural berries.Restaurant "Aristocrate"st. Alchevskyh, 10/12 ...
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  • 09.07.2018
The long-awaited finale of FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 is coming! We offer to celebrate this event with a party - "NON-STOP CRAYFISH"! Only for you: Juicy crayfish and beer snacks in unlimited quantities Foam beer and other drinks from our barmen Hospitality and staff smiles Comfortable armchairs and a larg...
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The evening of "NON-STOP CRAYFISH" is comeback!
  • 15.05.2018
We will support our annual tradition and hold a stunning evening of "NON-STOPCRAYFISH"! Only for you: Crayfish and beer snacks in unlimited quantities Beer and other drinks from our bartenders Hospitality and staff smiles Prize drawing from the restaurant "Aristocrat". In addition, 26 of May there ...
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Handmade Easter Сakes - 2018 from Aristocrate Restaurant
  • 01.04.2018
Easter is the greatest Christian holiday that has been celebrated for thousands of years. Easter symbolizes the rebirth and renewal, therefore the symbols of the holiday are always considered the Water (Easter streams), Life (Easter cakes and painted eggs) and Holy Fire. Traditionally, the festive table is difficult to imagine without golden, ...
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The French Cuisine Evening - 2018 in the Aristocrate Restaurant
  • 15.03.2018
The festival "Taste of France" is a unique event that takes place in more than 150 countries on five continents. This year, for the fourth time in a row, the chef from around the world will take part to honor the excellence of the French gastronomy, with its ability to innovate, and with the preservation of its values. And we are no exception!...
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