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Happy Birthday, Aurora!

  • 15.08.2017
10 years  -  is it much or little for our life?  And in the life of the hotel? Yes, it is a real life of the hotel, because it is like the human being: first it is born and develops, then it is getting older and perfect, takes its right place and obtains friends, and finally it becomes a native place, that is greatly missed.    
For those who create the atmosphere of hospitality, these years are priceless. They are filled with everyday events, meetings with interesting people, as well as with the joy from the kind and good reviews and the emotions of our guests. 

10 years of Premier Hotel Aurora life is time to sum up the results and gloss over the mistakes, define the new goals and for sure it is the time to thank all our guests for their choice. 

We want to invite all guests to Premier Hotel Aurora on our 10th Birthday, which will take place on the 23d of August. The celebration will start in the morning. For all guests we will prepare surprises, gifts, draws, candy-bar, birthday cake, welcome drinks. And the most important thing is that we have created the photo area. We want this celebration and emotions stay with us for a long time. 

Tables reservation is not required.  Come with your good mood!
The start is at 09 a.m.
10/12 Alchevskyh Str. 
057 752 40 40, 067 546 41 24