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Handmade Easter Сakes - 2018 from Aristocrate Restaurant

  • 01.04.2018

Easter is the greatest Christian holiday that has been celebrated for thousands of years. Easter symbolizes the rebirth and renewal, therefore the symbols of the holiday are always considered the Water (Easter streams), Life (Easter cakes and painted eggs) and Holy Fire.

Traditionally, the festive table is difficult to imagine without golden, lush cakes, krushenki and other dishes that we have been associated with since this childhood with this joyful event.

Without changing traditions, in the restaurant "Aristocrat" you can order lush and fragrant cakes of hand made, prepared according to a special recipe, with love and warmth.

Small Easter Cake (0,3 kg) - 80,00 UAH.

Medium Easter Cake (0,5 kg) - 120,00 UAH.

Big Easter Cake (0,75 kg) - 160,00 UAH.

* The discount isn’t valid for this offer

Orders are accepted by phone:

+38 (057) 752 40 04

+38 (067) 546 41 30

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Aristocrate Restaurant

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